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“inter•punct is putting together a project discussing emergent and often radical issues latent in our educational environment that we feel are far too absent from the discourse around us. Following the footsteps of pamphlet architecture, clip-stamp-fold, and ‘a few zines’ we are curating a collection of student produced zines.

While inter•punct will edit and curate the collection, we invite you to be part of this process. Our ultimate goal is to bring to the forefront the rarely recognized potential in the creation of a laidback small format publication and hopefully prove you, the author, with a space to reflect, a sense of empowerment, and the creation of school-wide discourse that is both creative and inclusive.

Wondering what to make? We’re not going to tell you! You have complete creative freedom. Here are the two things we ask:

- Consider the format of a single 8.5 x 11 or 11 x 17 sheet, front and back. Google  “zine formats” for inspiration!
- Reflect in some manner on your exprience in the school - with a project, with a professor, in the field, etc. Just keep in mind the overarching theme is: Pedagogy.

You could make a comic strip, a newspaper, a photo-essay, a text-essay, a musical score, a poem, a sketch, a timeline, a screenplay - you get the picture. Feel free to be brutally honest (anonymous submissions will be respected) or even fictitious!”

For some inspiration please look at the exhibits we cited earlier, links to be found below.

Clip, Stamp, Fold: Publication, Dezeen Article, Volume Issue
Pamphlet Architecture: Website, Archinect Article, Sample Issue
A Few Zines: Loudpaper Page, Architects Journal
Archizines: Website

Information to include in submission:
Academic major + year
Email address
Medium of submission/tools used
Title of submission/works
Folding instructions
Printing instructions

A member of the inter·punct team will be able to answer your questions, should you have any before, during, and after this process.

Copyright Agreement: By submitting your work to inter·punct you agree to the following terms:

I am a faculty member and/or student here at Carnegie Mellon University and have been made aware of the intent of this work. I hereby allow inter∙punct to publish the images, writings, or objects that are listed on this page with non-exclusive rights. By submitting this work, I consent that it may be reproduced online and in print. I will not pursue monetary compensation for the work(s) listed here from inter·punct or adjacent institutions.

Ask questions and connect with us at:

Open Call for Submissions

If you’re not interested in any of the above, but still want to contribute, we always accept submissions of any type. If you have a piece of writing, imagery, or any other media that you would like to see published in one of our issues we welcome it with open arms. 

We will accept any and all submissions via email @ Please read the preceeding agreement fully before sending us a submission. 

Please include your information:
Academic major + year
Email address
Medium of submission/tools used
Title of submission/works