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As far as we can tell, 2021 is the 10th year of interpunct - seems like cause for celebration, right? The group has changed a lot over the years, but join us as we commemorate all iterations of inter-punks past and present this semester! We've got a special slate of events and releases planned for the coming months - so mark your calendars now and stay tuned for updates!

Welcome to virtual inter·course: the birthday special. Indulge in our selection of anonymized op-eds about -- and not about -- architecture. Packing flavor and a lasting aftertaste, seven readings have been carefully curated to create a truly i·punk meal befitting the celebration of 10+ years of an eclectic inter·punct. Hosted by punks emeritus!

Join us on Wednesday, March 31 at 7:30PM EST for a review and author reveal!

Zoom Link: 
Readings Link:

We would ask that you familiarize yourself with the attached readings and pour yourself a drink before jumping on the call with us! Looking forward to seeing you there.

Would it really be inter·punct if we were on time with anything? Similarly, what would interpunct be without unexpected surprises? Starting our 10th year off on a supremely characteristic foot, we’re releasing the first interview in our special series late - but not alone! Please enjoy these two pieces from the archives, and stay tuned for the next few coming later this semester. 

Ronald Rietveld

Brad Samuels and Jay Aronson