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inter·punct is a platform for ideas, theory, and discourse - sometimes about architecture and sometimes at its periphery. The group was founded by students at Carnegie Mellon University in 2011. This past school year (2022-23), the group has released two issues of its theme Interregnum - Demolition and Reconstruction.

This year (2023-2024) our theme of Interaction
will focus on two editions -  Intention and Chance.

Graana Khan

Khoi Do, Selina Yanan Zhou

Alana Wu, Tracy Chixin Zhang, Zoe, Liu, Tina Leyi Han, Benni Guo,  Adam Xiaotian He, Eric Chen, Victor Beyazit Eraslan, Olive Bouseman, Sam Losi, Sharon Fung,  Shariq Shah

Graphic Design: 
Grace Kolosek, Tina Han

Christoph Eckrich, Gil JangChristopher Ball, Aaron Chenault, Putu Dawkins, Phillip Denny, Sinan Goral, Claire He, Kirman Hanson, Matthew Huber, Harsh Kedia, Joey Koon, Adam Kor, Clara Lee, Kelly Li, Rachel Lu, Kaitlin Miciunas, KelliLaurel Mijares, Daniel Noh, Talia Perry, Michael Powell, Rohan Rathod, Sharon Rubin, Mark Terra-Salomão, Chitika Vasudeva,  Alex Wang, Zachary Weimer, Kyle Wing, Leah Wulfman,  Robert Rice, Taisei Manheim,  Mohammed Rahman, Juhi Dhanesha, Paul Greenway

Direct questions, comments, and inquiries to, or snail mail us at:

inter·punct Editors
School of Architecture
201 College of Fine Arts
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA 15213



The editorial staff of inter·punct gratefully acknowledges the generous support of Carnegie Mellon’s School of Architecture towards the publication of its journals and the promoting of its endeavors.

Opinions (both in print and online formats) are those of the authors alone and do not necessarily represent the views of the inter·punct editors.