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This page will serve as a time capsule and repository of thoughts, reflections, and reminicences regarding the 2020 COVOID-19 Pandemic. If you are interested in contributing shoot us a message at 

[4/29/20] CE

I have found that there’s a peculiar and profound shift in mental state associated with different kind of exposure with this pandemic. My personal experience has shifted from being inevitably in public, to isolation for self-protection, to isolation for the protection of others. And with the transition through those stages comes a transition through different flavors of anxiety… Obviously when travelling in these times you have to be wary and alert of your surroundings and the constant on-edge feeling is just exceedingly taxing. Usually when I travel I just numb myself to my surroundings and let the infrastructure carry me wherever I need to go, I trust the system and there’s only so much you can do to make any difference – and most of that is just personal comfort. It’s so stressful to constantly be worried about what you’re touching and who you’re close to, and is a really uncomfortable new lens with which to see the world. Upon return I wanted a break from all that, and be in a place where I didn’t have to worry about touching infected surfaces or being coughed on by someone with a mask etc and sat down to wait for a few days. I was worried more than about myself about my friends and loved ones – nervous about how they were faring, and just focusing and dealing with the anxiety that comes with trying to protect oneself. A few days later finding out that I had been in contact with someone who was confirmed as infected poses another set of existential dreads – instead of waiting it out to stay safe I was sitting around in my room waiting to get sick. Two weeks of hoping that I don’t start to get a fever and knowing how utterly powerless I was either way in this respect were quite taxing to say the least. Thankfully it seems like I’m in the clear, but the whole situation makes you wonder if the real danger is the virous, or all of the associated detriments to mental health and lifestyle. Probably both – we shouldn’t downplay either.

[4/28/20] CE

[4/21/20] CE

This post marks the start of our quarantine blog. Various members of the editorial team will be contributing thoughts and reflections on an unprecedented world situation.