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Wai Think Tank

Nathalie Frankowski

It is ugent to recognize the voids that exist in this construction of history and time. These voids are never an accident because of how subjective our history is. It depends on who is telling the stories and who has access to the knowledge. When we want to address the question of futuring, which is a very organic and pressing issue, we all need to wrap our minds around that in order to rethink our world and create better, more critical ones.

The idea of deconstruction goes hand in hand with the idea of progress and idea of newness... because deconstruction is not just about building physical entities, but also about a system of knowledge, system of value, systems of cultures, and arrays.

Cruz García

We are in a crisis of the imagination. On one hand, it’s not only how we imagine, but also how we bring other people to imagine, right? Because there’s a limit to how far the imagination stretches in a way, and like there’s only so much that I can imagine myself. After all, there’s only so many things that I can reference in my own life.

We have trained a generation of engineers and policymakers to the point that they are intellectually constipated; they have no imagination, they have no creativity - these people just literally have a concrete block for a head. They cannot imagine new ways of living, they cannot even see it.

There are billions of people in the world, and there are billions of ways of living. We’re still talking about Palladio, or Colin Rowe, or whatever nonsense they want to sell you in architecture school, or school in general. We are really in a crisis of creativity and imagination. And it’s not about making IDEO and making robots that are gonna work for the police - because that’s what happens when we have no imagination, right?

We have no sensibility whatsoever. So yes, we really need to excercise that creativity. But we also need to have the appropriate people. We have to wash the ranks of many places because they’re full of those mentally constipated people. They cannot see futures. They can’t. They’re unable to do it and their brains have been damaged by a system of education and a system of economy that doesn’t allow them to see what’s beyond.